Your Local Portrait Studio

DigiPrO Photography has been the trusted source for quality portraits in Cortland County, New York, and surrounding areas, since 2004. DigiPrO also has an event division that caters to school and event photography.  We pride ourselves on quick service, unique products, and great price options. We encourage you to stop in the portrait studio and take a look for yourself, located on Madison Street.

Be a model for a day!

Now accepting reservations for on-location model shoots in July.

Click here to see dates and times.

Time slots are limited and are reserved on a first come basis. 

We have the graphics!

DigiPrO now has an extensive line of Digital graphics. With over a dozen handcrafted designs to select from, your assured to get a unique look, like no one else. These awesome designs are printed as quality posters, sized 24x16 or the huge 24x36. The poster includes the images, graphics and text...featuring name, school, position, year...etc. Framing options are available for an additional cost. Contact the studio for more information or to see more poster designs.  

Upgrade to an outdoor canvas material for a custom made banner. Great for graduation parties.

Senior Portrait Special

These popular composites feature three poses on a 10 x 8 print. Images can be of different outfits or all the same. However, the Sports Montage is all about the jersey.   

DigiPrO Photoshop

Take it to the next level and let us transform your image into a work of art! Get a huge artist canvas...heavy water color...high gloss pearl...or even a transparent on metal! It's absolute image art!!! We'll mount it, finish it, frame it and box it up for easy transport. And, we can even take your home photos to the max too!!!

Just call our image center at +1-607-756-8587 or contact us.

Digital Senior Spotlight - Let us take your photos further!

Our digital-pro techniques will make your photos look unique and eye-catching! Here are some of our popular SENIOR PORTRAIT image enhancements. 

Go to DigiPrO!

Our friendly staff and comfortable studio environment are great for portraits. We have years of experience and you’ll feel at ease during your shoot. We use professional cameras and lighting to create the highest quality portraits and products. DigiPrO is a great place to create the family portrait...and affordable enough for everyone to get what they want...and more. So, why not take a trip to your local DigiPrO studio and create something really special to display in your home. 

Not happy with your school pictures taken by Lifetouch? Call us today and find out how you can exchange your package with a DigiPrO photography package.